A Manchester (UK) born multimedia artist of Irish and Scandinavian heritage, brought up with the traditional afternoon needle drop and crackling vinyl, immersed in feathery cigar smoke and Classic Rock ballads pumping through the house.  It is fair to say my interest in music was built-in from an early age, and my collection began with the likes of Paul Simon, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Dire Straits etc.  Growing up I discovered Grunge, grew my hair, started wearing plaid shirts and wished I was closer to Seattle. I received my first left-handed electric guitar when I was fourteen along with a Peavey Classic Chorus 80-Watt amp and spent many hours jamming with friends, eventually forming a band.  In the late ’90s I qualified as a sound engineer from the School of Sound Sound Recording in Manchester, at the time when Minidisc was touted to replace DAT; though my dreams of spending my life in a recording studio were short lived.  In 2000, I was awarded an accreditation to study Visual Art & Culture at The University of Salford, graduating in 2003 with an upper second class degree, BA (Hons), and in the same year had amassed a respectable body of work which earned me a solo exhibition at an Art Cafe in my home town.  Painting and sculpture took precedence over music for a while, though I never lost my passion for guitar.  More recently I’ve swayed more towards electronic and synth based music, releasing three albums so far with a fourth due for release in May 2020.  I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with some amazing musicians from around the world in the past couple of years, which has been the absolute highlight of it all.